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We’ve built branches in major cities so you can focus on more important things. Don’t waste a couple hours just to save a couple dollars to have your clothes cleaned at a place you may not be satisfied with. With branches in Bangkok, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, and more, our network is second to none and you can get confidence and peace of mind when you go with us.

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We Offer Two Types of Services

Wash & fold

Our laundry service treats your clothes with the utmost care. Your clothes are picked up, sorted, washed, machine dried, folded, packaged, and delivered back to you. You won’t find any laundry service that comes close. This service is ideal for anyone who wants their clothes to look, feel, and smell their best.

Dry cleaning

When your garments reach our dry cleaning facility, they are properly inspected and given pretreatment such as stain removal, if necessary. Your clothes are then dry cleaned at their optimal setting, according to fabric type. Lastly, all dry cleaning items are pressed and packaged for delivery. All dropoffs are made in a protective cover.


Hear What Others Think

My first couple weeks in Bangkok, I discovered this great laundry service. The pickup and delivery is super convenient and the online order system is easy to use. A representative was always available to communicate with me via Line, which was nice. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the service again.

Sachio Higashiura (Japan) is a life saviour they will pick it up from the hotel reception and deliver the following day.

We were running out of time and Laundry Town saved the day. We had a train to catch in the late afternoon and 10kg of laundry to deal with. We got same day service and extremely professional service every second of the way. Our clothes were picked up at our subway stop and dropped off at the train station for us. Saul was great in arranging everything. Prices were great and clothes were cleanly folded and packaged.


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