If you’re looking for somewhere to wash your clothes in Beijing, you’ve found the right place. We’re the only laundry service in town that charges by the kilogram, and doesn’t have exorbitant prices like others (i.e. hotels). We’re here to help so feel free to reach out to us via WeChat or email if you have any questions, or just want to say hi.



We can pickup from anywhere in Beijing. Anywhere.


Similarly, we can deliver anywhere in Beijing.


Cash, Paypal, debit, credit, Bitcoin, etc. all accepted.

24/7 Ordering

Order online, at anytime.

Fast Turnaround

2 day, next day, and same day turnaround for laundry.


We speak English. No communication issues here.

Simple, Flat Rate Pricing.

Dry Cleaning

2-3 days (by 22:00)
  • Simple flat rate for most items
  • Pickup (see below)
  • Delivery (see below)

Delivery Fees

Each order has a pickup fee of 25¥ and a delivery fee of 25¥.

If outside of the shaded area, a delivery surcharge may apply (5-15¥ each way).

Get in Touch with the Team