If you’re looking for laundry service in Kuala Lumpur, you’ve arrived at the right place. There are many options in this city and picking the right one can be difficult. We are the only laundry service in Kuala Lumpur made for international people, by international people, as demonstrated by all our requested features below. Cross laundry off of your list and go with someone you can trust, Laundry Town Kuala Lumpur.

And if you ever need laundry service in Bangkok, we cover that city as well.


We pickup from nearly everywhere in KL.


Similarly, we deliver nearly everywhere in KL.


Cash, Paypal, debit, credit, COD, Bitcoin, etc. all accepted.

24/7 Ordering

Order online, at anytime.

Fast Turnaround

Laundry is ready next day.


We speak English. No communication issues here.

Simple, Flat Rate Pricing.

Wash, Press, & Hang

Next day by 22:00
  • Simple flat rate for most items
  • Same day rush service (+100%)
  • Pickup (RM 6)
  • Delivery (RM 6)

Dry Cleaning

2 days (by 22:00)
  • Simple flat rate for most items
  • Pickup (RM 6)
  • Delivery (RM 6)

Delivery Fees

Each order has a pickup fee of RM6 and a delivery fee of RM6.

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