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Hey guys, Saul here, founder at Laundry Town. Every once in a while I like to get down and dirty, in the field, to bring some good laundry info your way. Lviv was one of those places because, well, you’re super slim on options and things are not made to be smooth or easy here. Let me walk you guys through my experience using the only available laundry service in Lviv.

After some searching I found the lone laundry provider in town, Bubbles. That’s just the English name so make sure to google map “Bulbashki laundry service” and you’ll see it, or just click here.

Website doesn’t work. Phone number didn’t work. No one replied to the Facebook message I sent. No email available. Interestingly enough, while I was digging, it seems this place was set up by a pair of Americans, which would explain the out-of-place, legit setup and imported high quality Dexter machinery.

I had no choice, but to just show up there so I had the receptionist at my coworking space call a taxi for me (more on that below). It cost 95 UAH for a round trip from Old Town to there and back.

I get there. No English and the receptionist, if you can call her that (I’m sure that wasn’t her main responsibility) was not friendly and appeared a little impatient. Good thing I had mobile data to do some small translations. She asked me to place my clothes on the scale. Weighed about 2.8Kg and the cost was 130 UAH. I could’ve put up to 9Kg for the same price (price card below).

I paid, got my receipt and we agreed I’d be back at 7pm which was good time since I showed up there around 3pm on a Saturday. On the way out a Russian-American gentleman helped me do a little more communicating and it seems pickup/delivery may have been on the table, but they were too busy that day and said if I wanted until the next day to get it back, they could probably get it delivered to me in the Old Town.

I elected to come back and get it myself later that day because I needed some of those clothes for the gym that evening (turns out my gym closed early on Saturdays). So basically, if you have some decent help (think concierge, receptionist, friend who can speak Ukrainian) then you may be able to pull off pickup and delivery service (have them look over the photos I am providing and try all the numbers listed on the photos of the flyers since the first one doesn’t work, nor does the one listed on Google maps).

Came back a few hours later and picked it up no problem. Washing quality seemed quite good. I’d attribute it to the good machinery. Another interesting thing about this laundry shop is that they let you pick your detergent from a large selection and you can just take a quick smell of each of them to see which one you prefer (they’re all in clear unmarked bottles so you can’t read what brand/scent they are). That’s all for now. Hope this helps and please please please send me a quick message if you have any more info that I can update this page with. Let’s help each other out. Thanks guys.

Ps. Taxi drivers in Lviv, like the one my receptionist ordered for me, are unscrupulous and will lie, cheat, steal, and even try to fight you to get extra money out of you (seriously). Save yourself the hassle/danger and make sure you have arranged a trustworthy transportation option. Uber or Hotel Taxi, for example, look like better options. Or just try to arrange the pickup and delivery option and skip the taxi thing altogether.

Pps. The next time around, a Ukrainian friend helped me arrange the pickup and delivery service. Pickup and delivery fee was 100, total. Returned the next day just fine. Big thanks to our friends at Gar’is Hostel for helping out with arranging the delivery/translating information.

Get in touch with Bubbles Laundry


(032) 24-749-24


*better to just google map “Bulbashki laundry service”

Bubbles “Bulbashki laundry service” Location

Pickup and delivery is possible. Have Ukrainian speaker call to arrange. Next day turnaround (same day if you pick up/drop off yourselfs (~5 hours).