Tokyo is a huge city with all kinds of products and services, but if there’s one thing that’s difficult to find, it’s laundry service. Pretty much all of the laundry shops you find in Shinjuku, Roppongi, or other districts are dry cleaners who charge by the piece, not by weight, and pick up and delivery isn’t offered. There is only one service in Tokyo that offers laundry delivery;

You will more than likely need the assistance of a Japanese person to order, but here is their basic information, below. If you use their service, please leave a comment below sharing your experience so we can build upon each other’s information and make this easier for everyone, in the future.


From Shinjuku, Roppongi, and many places in Tokyo.


Similarly, delivery to all over Tokyo.

Payment Methods?

Cash is easiest, but it looks like they also accept online payments.

24/7 Ordering

Order online, at anytime.


Laundry ready in 2 days.

English Level?

Nearly zero so you will need some help there.

Wash & Fold Pricing

Smaller bag

  • Pickup and delivery fees vary based on location
  • Click here for exact delivery price minimums

Delivery Fees and Service Areas

It looks like they have order minimums, as opposed to a separate delivery fee.

There are 5 shops in Tokyo. You need to contact the right one, based on your location. Click the arrow next to the map header to see the service areas, by shop.

Click here to see a list of each shop with contact info. Contact Info