Different Services to Suit You Best

Wash & fold is by far our most popular/economic option. Your clothes are picked up, sorted, washed, dried, folded, packaged, and delivered back to you. This service is ideal for anyone who wants convenient, professional laundry service at a great price.


Our wash, press, & fold service has everything that our wash & fold service has except it includes pressing. This service is ideal for most tops and bottoms that aren’t gym clothes or items you’d wear around the house.


Our wash, press, and hang service has everything our wash & fold service has except instead of folding, your clothes are first pressed then placed on hangers. This service is ideal for garments that need to be presentable, such as at work or on a date, or if you just want to look your best no matter what you’re doing.

Clean Shirts

For those items that need a little extra attention and/or can’t be cleaned with water, you have our dry cleaning service. Dry cleaning items are properly inspected and given pretreatment such as stain removal, if necessary. Your clothes are then cleaned at their optimal setting, according to fabric type and color. Lastly, all dry cleaning items are pressed and packaged for delivery. All dropoffs are made in a protective cover.


*Please note that not all services are available in all cities. Please check the city pages to see which services are available in your city.