Laundry Service Shanghai

Finding a good laundry service in Shanghai can be a challenge. You’re trying to call people and spell out difficult names over the phone, if they even answer. Communication is tough if you don’t speak Chinese.  Other shops say they offer wash and fold, but  really it’s just to bait you in when they inform you that it’s only towels, gym clothes, and the like so all of your tops and bottoms have to be charged as dry cleaning. Getting your clothes cleaned shouldn’t be difficult. Let us take care of it, and cross laundry off your list.


from anywhere in Shanghai.

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This was perfect after two weeks on the road. Clean, fast and ver responsive. I wish I had a service like this at home.

Rodrigo AndrighetoRodrigo Andrigheto

Serviço excelente, pegam as roupas na hora combinada, devolvem-nas muitas vezes antes do previsto, perfumadas, dobradas, impecáveis. Estou usando o serviço há quatro semanas e recomendo.

Henrik Laerke

Great great service - very easy to use and very fair prices - and delivered at our hotel before promised. Quality of work also very nice, clean and dry. All in all a fantastic service .. including the online chat help on the ordering page. Kindly regards Henrik - Shanghai tourist

Joseph Quinlan

Great service dropped laundry at concierge before 8 and hotel called me concerned that at 1130am no pickup yet. I was concerned a and messaged Laundrytown on we chat who no problem and indeed they picked up my cloths at 1230 and had them back at the hotel by 430. So far beyond expectations I initially thought they had returned them uncleaned but they were perfect. On word of caution you clothes will be returned in the bag(s) you send them out in so choose wisely and put your stinky stuff well inside the bag or maybe if.uou message and send along.another bag perhaps they could be returned in that bag. never tried never was too concerned about it but note other reviewers complained about that.


When can you pick up my clothes?

11:59 AM is our cutoff time so if you place your order by then, we can pick up on the same day.

When can you deliver my clothes?

Standard, next day by noon, and same day available.

How can I pay?

Credit cards, cash, Wechat, and Alipay accepted.

I’m not sure how much my clothes weigh. What should I do?

Estimating is fine.