Laundry Service Shanghai

Fast. Easy. Affordable.

Finding a good laundry service in Shanghai can be a challenge. You’re trying to call people and spell out difficult names over the phone, if they even answer. Communication is tough if you don’t speak Chinese. Other shops say they offer wash and fold, but  really it’s just to bait you in when they inform you that it’s only towels, gym clothes, and the like so all of your tops and bottoms have to be charged as dry cleaning. Getting your clothes cleaned shouldn’t be difficult. Let us take care of it, and cross laundry off your list.

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When can you pick up my clothes?

Noon is our cutoff time so if you place your order by then, we can pick up on the same day.
You can also place the order up to 3 days before you’d like it picked up.

When can you deliver my clothes?

Standard, next day by noon, and same day by 10pm available (express services only available for laundry).
Dry cleaning takes about ~4 days.

How can I pay?

Alipay, credit cards, and WeChat pay accepted.

I’m not sure how much my clothes weigh. What should I do?

Estimating is fine.