Taipei Laundry
Delivery Service

Wash and fold laundry service in Taipei can be difficult to find. Which is why we’ve set up our service here for international people, like you. During your stay in Taipei, let Laundry Town take care of it. Just fill in the order form below, and check laundry off your list.


We pickup from everywhere in Taipei.

24/7 Ordering

Order online, at anytime.


Similarly, we deliver everywhere in Taipei.

Fast Turnaround

Laundry is ready next day.


Cash, credit, Paypal, debit, all accepted.


English speaking support staff.

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When can you pick up my clothes?

14:00 is our cutoff time so if you place your order by then, we can pick up on the same day.

When can you deliver my clothes?

Standard, next day by noon, and same day available.

How can I pay?

Credit cards, cash, and Paypal accepted.

I’m not sure how much my clothes weigh. What should I do?

Estimating is fine.